Homeopathy / HDT Consultations

Dr. Peter Naydenov is an experienced specialist in classical homeopathy, homeopathic detox therapy, homeoprophylaxis, Bach Fower Therapy, astrology, supplementation and superfoods, and holistic medicine in general. He takes patients by appointment only. He speaks Bulgarian, English, Russian, and German. He works mainly with children patients, but in some cases treats their parents, too.

Here are the fees for алл the services of Dr. Naydenov:

  • First interview HDT / homeopathy / medical consultation (60 min): 80 €.
  • Follow-up interview homeopathy / HDT (30 min): 50 €.
  • Emotional ballancing with Bach flower remedies (40 min) 60 €.
  • Astrological consultation (60 min): 100 €

Skype consultations are especially convenient for patients who live in other countries because they save time and money. You only need access to the Internet, a microphone, a webcam (so that I can see you), and access to Skype / Messenger / Viber.

Heres what you need to do to make an appointment:

  • Send me a message / call me on Whatsap / Viber – tel. +359888540442 to schedule a consultation
  • Add me to your Skype contact list (ID: peternay)
  • Pay the consultation fee via Paypal (80 €, Visa/MasterCard accepted).
  • On the appointed time, call me on Skype and, if necessary, by phone +359 888 540442.

Usually, about a month or two after the first consultation (and possibly earlier, if necessary), a second interview is scheduled (on average for half an hour) at a cost of 50 € to assess the effect of the prescribed therapy, to make a second prescription, and to recommend additional measures according to the circumstances.

If necessary, Ill ask you to do laboratory tests and consultations with other specialists.

Very often I have to treat children who have suffered from vaccinations, have taken antibiotics and other allopathic drugs. Their health has deteriorated to such an extent that parents no longer know what to do. In this case, a quick recovery is not possible – the organism will recover as soon as it can. And I will make every effort and use all my experience to help this.

Health to you and your children!
Yours, Dr. Peter Naydenov