A case of arachnoid brain cyst

This case illustrates what could be achieved with an adequate holistic approach. Though the patient is not 100% okay, he is much better, functioning normally, and with no medication or surgery. One could say this is an extraordinary success, given all the problems at the beginning of his life.

Patient G., a boy, 7 years

Arachnoid cyst in the brain, hydrocephaly, epilepsy from 5th month until 2-3 years, then no problems in the EEG, no medicines given for epilepsy, there was only gazing and twitching always during high fever, for seconds. Three times surgical operations on the brain, one for attempting to fenestrate the cyst, then for putting the catheter, then for cleansing the catheter which was blocked by thrombi. Now he has a permanent catheter to evacuate the cerebrospinal liquid from the brain.

The boy has had at least 15 times general anesthesia when going through diagnostics.

Pregnancy: during the first month the mother didn’t know that she was pregnant and was smoking 5-6 cigarettes and drinking alcohol ‘in moderation’ (100 g a day liqueur, 17% alcohol). In the 3rd month of the pregnancy, she had a viral infection, then the doctors confirmed that the child had been through a cytomegalovirus infection. She took antibiotics for the infection for one week. Then in the 4th month when doing 3D ultrasound, the doctor said that there was something wrong with the brain but it was not clear and needed follow-up, and after 2 months they said that there was nothing wrong. Then the mother when reading about the arachnoid cysts found out that it is connected with the cytomegalovirus.

In the 6th month of the pregnancy, there was a dilatation of the cervix uteri and because of contractions, she took papaverine, degan, and spasmalgon for a couple of weeks.

The delivery was induced with oxytocin, the child was 4 kg and was fed on the mother’s milk until 10 months. His head was larger than normal and was growing more than it should. All the vaccines were made up until the 10th month. In the 5th month, there was pneumonia, treated with antibiotics, and afterward, until the 10th month, the baby’s temperature was 37,2. When the baby was 10 months old, his gaze was suddenly staring at the mother and he got blue around the mouth for about 20-30 seconds, so they found that he had this arachnoidal cyst in the brain – they said it was probably inborn. A surgery was performed so that they installed a shunt for evacuating the liquid from the cyst.

The child used to get viral infections, and common colds, very often, and the temperature would rise to 39 and more, 39,7, with every virus. Because of the brain, he was given every time antipyretics.
In the family, there was cancer of the thyroid gland and schizophrenia. The mother after delivering her 1st child started to get a lot of colds and bronchitis and pneumonia, plus vaginal infections. The father got often tonsillitis as a child and was drinking alcohol, and sleeping around with many women, so the mother was getting constant genital infections and leucorrhea.

Autumn 2016 HDT: detox vaccines, antibiotics, NSAID, general anesthesia, Syphilinum, CCC, camphora, bowel nosodes, course of Cytomegalovirus . Algae, Colactive-3, Omega-3, etc.

Then during the winter, the boy was better, with no serious diseases, but because of a cough was given Pulmicort, syrup Demefan, and Fluditec. After the first year, the child has eruptions after various foods, and the doctors said allergy. For this Aerius was given and a cream with corticosteroid was applied locally on the eruptions. The eruptions are red, they grow, get confluent, and the child must scratch until the skin bleeds. Recently this happens very rarely, once in a couple of months, but the mother is instructed not to give medicines and now the child gets only homeopathic treatment from 2016.

He is full of energy, agile, intelligent, witty, with good concentration, adores constructors and invents things, and makes original things out of Lego. When playing gets dirty, adores helping his grandpa in the garage, to disassemble and assemble his toys.

Very sensitive, irritable, obstinate, when angry throws things. Used to sleep on abdomen or genupectoral. Craves salami and meat and chocolate.

April 2017: Med and Tub were given along with Thuj, Sulph, Histamine, and detox corticosteroids 4×4. Detox vaccines 4×4 was repeated.

June 2017: Tub and Sulph were repeated in higher potencies. The algae, colostrum, fatty acids, and Super-antioxidant are given all the time and increased when needed.

Then the child was fine and the winter was without problems. But now as they went to a check it turned out that the cyst was 13x6cm, so it didn’t get smaller, it stayed the same. So again surgery was advised but the specialists say that they don’t know what can happen if the cyst gets removed as the hole will be too big and they don’t know how the brain will react. On the other hand, the cyst presses upon the brain, which again is dangerous. Plus, the surgery is a big risk. So the mother abstains from the surgery.

2023: The boy is OK, no surgery, no complaints, no homeopathy. COntinues to take algae, colostrum, and some supplements.