AquaSource ColActive 3

AquaSource ColActive3 is our “next generation” colostrum product for those who want extra support for a healthy digestive tract by combining Acidophilus and Lactoferrin with our AquaSource Colostrum.

AquaSource ColActive3 offers excellent nutritional support for active lifestyles, including athletes and others with very active lifestyles.

It is a useful addition to any nutrition regime, as it is designed to help support both the lower digestive tract and the immune system.

AquaSource ColActive3 Colostrum utilises the whole colostrum. No fat is removed and there is no ultra-filtration process hence.

ColActive3 Colostrum is sourced from the South West of the US where the processing facility was designed by dairy process engineers as a state of the art processing facility for the sole purpose of producing the best quality colostrum.  The Colostrum is collected and processed. Then, flash pasteurised at 72°C for 15 seconds and finally dried with low, indirect heat. This process helps maintain as much nutritional value as possible.

Key Advantages:

AquaSource Colostrum – Colostrum is the ‘first milk’ produced by mothers, providing an enriched supply of nutrients and antioxidants. AquaSource uses bovine colostrum, which contains about 10-20 times more nutritional factors than human colostrum.

Acidophilus – friendly bacteria native to the small intestines that aid in digestion. Acidophilus can help protect the body against harmful bacteria, parasites, and other organisms.

Lactoferrin – although already naturally present in colostrum, this bioactive peptide is also included as a stand-alone ingredient to further help support the immune system.

Allergen data:

Contains MILK as an allergen as per EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011


Two capsules provide:
Colostrum (from milk)               800mg
Lactobacillus Acidophilus       4mg
providing 4.0 x 106 organisms at time of manufacture
Lactoferrin                                     2mg
Capsule:                                          Gelatin
Certified processed from pasture fed healthy dairy cows and free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and BSE.