AquaSource Super Antioxidant

The Super Antioxidant Superfood with Pycnogenol®

AquaSource has combined this patented antioxidant extract with a unique combination of herbs and carotenoids that work synergistically.  Many feel the strength of this product lies in anti-aging benefits.

What makes our Super Antioxidant such a great Superfood? The unique combination of ingredients.

Wheatsprouts – contain a remarkable level of a variety of antioxidants.

AquaSource Algae – on a gram for gram basis, provides a wide range of nutrients including antioxidants, betacarotene and chlorophyll.

Pycnogenol® – a patented extract of Maritime Pine bark extract. It has potent antioxidant properties that support healthy circulation and physically demanding lifestyles.

Dunaliella Salina Algae – a marine algae prized for its extremely high betacarotene content, another powerful antioxidant.

Bilberry Extract – Bilberry extracts may help maintain micro capillary circulation throughout the body, and may be particularly of benefit to the eye.

Green Tea – Green tea extract powder has become another popular source of certain antioxidants.

Natural Vitamin E – Vitamin E protects the cells from oxidative stress and is a powerful biological antioxidant.

Vitamin B12 – helps reduce fatigue and supports the immune system.

Iron – contributes to healthy red blood cells and supports cognitive function.

Key Advantages:

• Contains Pycnogenol®, one of the most powerful antioxidants and anti-aging products known today.

• Aids recovery from physical stress, including athletics.

• Contributes to maintaining healthy circulation.

• Helps maintain proper cognitive function.

Approved EFSA Health claims:

Vitamin B12 contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue & to the normal function of the Nervous & Immune systems.

Vitamin E for the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Iron contributes to normal cognitive function.

Allergen data:

Contains no Allergens as per EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011


Two capsules provide:
Wheatsprouts                             740 mg
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae 80 mg
(Klamath Lake Algae)
Naturally providing:
Vitamin C                                       7 mg  (8%*)
Vitamin B12                                  0.7 mcg  (28%*)
Vitamin B5                                    0.8 mg  (13%*)
Iron                                                   2.7 mg  (19%*)
Bilberry 4:1 extract                   30 mg
(Equivalent to 120 mg of Bilberry powder)
Dunaliella Salina Algae          20 mg
Green Tea Extract                    20 mg
(40% Polyphenols)
(Equivalent to 80mg of Green Tea Powder)
Ginkgo Biloba 50:1 extract  20 mg
(Equivalent to 1000mg of Ginkgo powder)
French Maritime Pine Bark Extract (Pycnogenol®)  20 mg
Milk Thistle Extract                 20 mg
( 80% Silymarin)  (Equivalent to 800mg of Milk Thistle powder)
Natural Vitamin E   13.4mg   (111%*)
Capsule: Vegetable Cellulose
*% EC NRV: % European Community Nutrient Reference Value