Aquasource Opportunity

Welcome to AquaSource Business Opportunity!

I am Dr Peter Naydenov, leader of Anhira Network – the most successful organisation within AquaSource. Our team consists of over 350 Directors, each of them caring for 30-100 customers and distributors in many countries.

I started to work with AquaSource in December 1995 and contributed significantly to the growth of our business in several countries. In the last years (2018-2019) AquaSource launched a new company website, provided a separate online shop for each distributor, created a modern business hub with back-offices and distributor training area, offered online sign-up distributor pages, etc.

Here is my web-based shop, where you can get detailed info about our products, and you can order products online.

And here is my opportunity / join now page – feel free to explore it. From it, you can join my team and start your business in minutes – whenever you are ready to do this, of course! The sign-up fee is less than 40 €, and when you join, you can get our flagman product, Start Easy Program, with a huge discount, so please order it (this is a one-time offer, dont miss it).

We are here for more than 25 years, and we are here to stay and grow to a global opportunity. For me, this is not just another business, but a vocation and a life-long mission. Of course, I like the fact that for the last 25 years AquaSource has been paying me on time every month according to our contract.

The business is open to citizens of EU who are 18+ years old, and to legal entities from EU. This means that if you are a citizen of another country, you can establish an LLC, say, in Bulgaria, and then you can operate from it.

We are able to help you to build your home-based / Internet-based business. I personally guarantee that Ill work with you, train you and help you until you reach an income of 1000 € per month. Of course, if you are serious and ready to study, practice and teach the business. It is better if you dont have a clue when you start, so dont worry if you are clueless. We have a simple system that you can learn within a week.

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