About Peter & Vyara, BFRPs

We are Dr. Peter Naydenov, BFRP, and Vyara Elenkova, BFRP – registered specialists in treatment with Bach flower remedies.

Vyara Elenkova & Dr. Peter Naydenov

If you are looking for specialized help because you need emotional balance, you have experienced emotional stress or you have emotional problems that are already manifested on a physical level in the form of various diseases, then you are in the right place!

You can trust us because we have completed a full course of study at the Dr. Edward Bach Center, UK, and we are officially registered with the International Register of the Bach Foundation. Plus, each of us has completed medical training. Peter is a medical doctor, and Vyara is a physiotherapist.

Our job is to help people achieve emotional balance and physical health, live in harmony with their soul, and follow their higher purpose. For this purpose we work in a holistic way by combining different holistic methods:

  • Bach flower remedies
  • AquaSource superfoods and natural health supplements
  • Astrological consultations
  • Classical homeopathy (Dr. Peter is a homeopath with extensive experience)
  • Homeopathic detox therapy (HDT was introduced in Bulgaria by Dr. Peter)
  • Homeoprophylaxis (Dr. Peter studied with Dr. Isaac Golden, the best specialist in the world)
  • Quantum diagnostics of the most important aspects of health
  • Healthy eating and lifestyle advice

We have been approved to participate in the course for certified teachers of Dr. Bach system so that we can officially train students (we should have completed it, but due to the pandemic it has been postponed twice, we expect it to take place in the spring of 2021). We are taking this step, as formal training has so far only taken place abroad, which makes it rather expensive, and requires a good command of English. When we become registered teachers, this will give a better opportunity to those wishing to study in Bulgaria, in Bulgarian, saving them a lot of money and effort.

We invite you to schedule an individual consultation with us. We will help you understand your emotions and feel better about yourself, we will prepare for you an individual Bach flower remedies combination that suits your current condition, and we will support you in your search for a better emotional balance. This will be very beneficial for your health, your relationships, and your success in life.

Plus, we can advise you about other aspects of your health and wellness. Very important: you can improve your health and energy levels by taking AquaSource Klamath lake algae and other superfoods and supplements according to the results from the Bioscanner Quantum diagnostics that can reveal many hidden biochemical problems in the human organism.

Here are our diplomas from the Bach Center in England: