AquaSource Algae

Optimal Superfood Nutrition From the Purest Source

AquaSource Algae is an extremely rich and pure source of key nutrients, comprising over 60% protein. It is high in Beta Carotene, a valuable antioxidant, as well as Vitamin B12.  It is an excellent source of iron and other essential minerals.

AquaSource Algae is from nature – NOT from a synthetic source. It is fully digestible and highly assimilable. A great nutrition source for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.

Algae are at the base of the food chain. So, the body easily recognizes the nutrients in algae as food and they are readily absorbed.  It is very nutrient dense, meaning that almost everything in algae is converted by the body into energy.

Many consider blue-green algae from the Upper Klamath Lake to be nature’s most balanced food.  AquaSource’s BioActive Dehydration® process is a proprietary drying process that dehydrate this algae source to a powder with virtually no degradation of nutritional elements, colour, aroma or flavour.

Key Advantages & Benefits

• One of the most complete and efficient nutrition sources found in nature.

• Provides a wide range of nutritional components including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, and neuropeptides.

• Reduces tiredness and fatigue

• Benefits your nervous system

• Benefits the functioning of your Immune system

• Benefits the function of mental performance

• Give you additional release of energy in your body

• Helps with normal cognitive function which is important for memory and perception.

• Available in convenient True-filled capsule (no binders or fillers), powder or liquid form.

AquaSource Algae, from Upper Klamath Lake. One of the most complete and efficient nutrition sources found in nature!

Approved EFSA claims:

Vitamin B12, B5 & Vitamin C contribute to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue.

Vitamin B12 & Vitamin C contribute to the normal function of the Nervous & Immune systems.

Vitamin B5 contributes to normal mental performance.

Vitamin C for normal collagen formation for the skin and for the release of energy in the body.

Vitamin E for the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Iron contributes to normal cognitive function.

Allergen data:

Contains no Allergens as per EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011


Three capsules provide:
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae      900 mg (Klamath Lake Algae)
Naturally providing:
Vitamin E            1.7 mg    (14%*)
Vitamin C            81 mg  (101%*)
Vitamin B12       7.5 mcg  (300%*)
Vitamin B5         8.8 mg (147%*)
Iron                         30 mg (214%*)
Beta-Carotene    0.7 mg
Capsule:               Vegetable Cellulose
*% EC NRV: % European Community Nutrient Reference Value
SUPERIOR quality fresh Klamath Lake Algae dried at low temperature using our proprietary BioActive Dehydration® process.