Dr. Peter Naydenov

Dr. Peter NaydenovWestern medicine: I graduated Sofia Medical Academy in 1986, and then I worked as a "normal" paediatrician for the first 8 years of my medical practice. During this time I treated children in a hospital, in an outpatient clinic, in schools, in kindergartens, in an emergency depatment, and in healthy children's consultation. Although I was doing my job very well, still I was not happy as I did not like using vaccines, antibiotics and other suppressive methods; therefore I started to look for something different – so I stumbled on homeopathy.

Homeopathy: I am a leading Bulgarian homeopath who has been studying, practicing and teaching homeopathy internationally for almost 30 years. From 1992 to 2000 I contributed a lot to Bulgarian homeopathy as a teacher, organizer, practitioner, author, translator and publisher of homeopathy books.
I organized the first courses in classical homeopathy with LCCH and Peter Chappell in Bulgaria.
I was a co-founder of the Bulgarian homeopathic society, and the Association of the Physicians-Homeopaths in Bulgaria.
I established contacts with Prof. George Vithoulkas and was his first student from Bulgaria. I graduated the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) – Alonissos, Greece, and then for some time I used to run their video course in Bulgaria.
I travelled to India to study with Dr. Rajan Sankaran in 2000.
I studied homeopathy detox and CEASE therapy with Ton Jansen in Netherlands, and in 2014 I invited Ton for HDT courses in Bulgaria which were attended by 50 people. On top of this training I studied the books written by Tinus Smits, Isaak Golden, Kate Birch etc.
Since 2014 I am involved in treating children who were affected by vaccinations and allopathic medication.I have a lot of experience with children whose immune system is disrupted and who have many different problems such as recurrent otitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, eczemas, psoriasis, symptoms from the autistic spectrum, retarded development, etc.
I studied Homeoprophylaxis with Dr. Isaac Golden online, and now I am introducing this method in my country.

Algotherapy, Naturopathy & holistic health: Besides homeopathy, I am very knowledgeable in algotherapy, nutrition & detox, medical astrology, the medicine of Master Peter Dunov, healing with tachyon and other holistic disciplines. Therefore, I consider myself a holistic doctor and homeopath.

Bach flower remedies: I have been working with them since 1996. I graduated the training of the Bach Centre, UK, and now I am a BFRP (Bach flower registered practitioner). I use these remedies to help people find balance and comfort on emotional level. Sometimes this is the most important thing for every person who searches for healing, as our emotions are the leading cause of all diseases that we may manifest.

Astrology is my favorite subject. I study, practice and teach astrology all my conscious life (to be precise, since I was 19). I am very good in synastry & composite (astrology of partnership). As a physician, I use astrology to better understand my patients, to assess their predispositions to diseases, to warn them about critical time periods, etc.

Network marketing: I started to work with AquaSource in 1996, and started the European wellness network ANHIRA – the most successful distributor organization of AquaSource, including tens of thousands of people from many countries in Europe. In our network there are now over 300 successful directors in different countries, who help thousands of people to improve their health and to earn additional income from home. As a medical doctor, I have helped more people through our health network, than through my personal consultations, and I am sure this is the right way for every health specialist who wants to be useful to as many people as possible. As today the food we eat is often not nutritious enough, it is very important to supplement it in the right way. Sometimes we, doctors, don't pay enough attention to this leading cause of many health issues...

Publishing: My publishing company Anhira Publishing is well-established, with almost 200 book titles published (as of 2019). We have published books about homeopathy, nutrition, holistic health, esoterics, financial self-help, personal development, network marketing, poetry, etc. We specialize in bringing the knowledge and experience of the world into our native country Bulgaria. As we are very well aware of the power of the written word, we choose very carefully what to publish. It has to be of real value, helping people achieve health, prosperity and freedom, and carrying a message of light and love to our readers. Our partners are authors and teachers like George Vithoulkas, Robert Kyiosaki, Rajan Sankaran, Zor Alef, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Suze Orman, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe, Randy Gage, Paul Zane Pilzer, Alfredo Culebro and many others.

Personal finances: As I had no financial literacy myself, I made many mistakes with my money. Then I stumbled upon a book writtel by Robert Kiyosaki – “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. So after helping myself, I decided to help others who had same problems. For the last 15 years I have been teaching financial literacy, mainly to the people from our network, and together with my brother Emil Naydenov we have created a whole network of Cashflow Clubs where we discuss the books of Robert and play the game Cashflow 101.

Author: I am the proud author of the following books (in Bulgarian):

  • “Homeopathy For Everyone”,
  • “Lectures On Contemporary Homeopathy”,
  • “Easy Guide To The Repertory Synthesis”,
  • “Green Rays Of Light: Algae – The Greatest Living Wealth On Our Planet”,
  • “Health Without Medicines”,
  • “Keywords In Astrology”
  • articles and leaflets about holistic health, network marketing, astrology, etc.

Father: I have three sons and one daughter, and I am a proud granddad of two grandkids! My first son, George, helps me with the publishing business and AquaSource, my second son, Lyubomir, is a software application developer, my daughter, Bogomila, studies in the Sofia German Language School (the best schoo in Bulgaria which I graduated, too), and my youngest son, Emanuil, was born in 2013.