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We are leaders of an international wellness network. We are building a team dedicated to helping people improve their health, have more energy, live longer, and increase their income by working with us from their homes, from their computers, smartphones, tablets… in their spare time, part-time, full-time or just from time to time… you get the idea.

We have been working together for many years, and our experience in this field is almost 30 years. Our job is to help people improve their health and increase their wealth. We deliver lectures, seminars, and training to people in our country Bulgaria, as well as abroad, on topics such as holistic health & wellness, financial literacy, building additional streams of income from home, etc.

We are looking for people like you who also like this idea! Here is our mission – it could be your mission, too:

  • We build a wellness network by attracting alert, intelligent, and well-meaning people who, with the help of our excellent superfoods and supplements, keep their families and loved ones in optimal health.
  • Through the Internet, we are constantly in touch with each other and exchange the latest and most valuable ideas in the field of health, active longevity, wellness, positive thinking, abundance, the right livelihood, and things that make life better.
  • Gradually, our network is expanding throughout Europe, attracting people who are interested in natural lifestyle, healthy living, detoxification, supplementation, cellular nutrition, strengthening their immune system in a natural way, homeopathy, naturopathy, Bach flower remedies, and other holistic methods for health improvement.
  • Our work develops naturally, voluntarily, freely, and consciously, with each member of our community deciding on his or her own commitment. We welcome both those who just want to use the discount prices for our wellness products for themselves and their loved ones, as well as those who want to help more people and thus earn additional income.

Feel more ambitious? Embrace this mission as your own, and we’ll help you create a better life, full of abundance and freedom, and achieve many of your dreams!

Dr Peter Naydenov, MD, LCCH, IACH, BFRP, is a leading holistic physician in Bulgaria with over 30 years of experience as a pediatrician, homeopath, and astrologer. He is called the Father of Bulgarian Homeopathy because he organized the first homeopathy courses in Bulgaria, and then co-founded the Homeopathic Society and the Association of the Homeopathic Doctors in Bulgaria. Then he introduced to the homeopathic community other very important methods, such as Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT), Homeoprophylaxis, Algotherapy, etc. As a founder and leader of the European wellness network ANHIRA, he has helped hundreds of families also to improve their financial status by developing their own businesses. He also teaches astrology and has hundreds of students, some of them now among the best Bulgarian astrologers. Together with his assistants, he helps many families to maintain and improve their health without medical drugs by combining holistic treatment with superfoods, health supplements, and other natural methods.

Peter has graduated to the highest level at the Bach Centre, UK – the definite place to master Dr. Edward Bach’s System for healing with flower remedies – and now practices as a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner) and continues the training for becoming a certified teacher of the Bach system. He lectures and runs seminars about Bach flower remedies.

In the picture below Peter is at The Bach Centre, UK, after graduating from the BFRP training in the class of Lynn Macwhinnie, a very experienced and respected teacher of Dr. Bach System, and author of the excellent book “Emotional Wisdom with Bach Flower Remedies”.

Vyara Elenkova & Peter Naydenov